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EsmeraldaMikkel goes back to his roots (and first professional band The Jars)
with this green vinyl single by J.D. Buhl.
J.D. gathered up all The Jars except for drummer Marc Time
to make this fabulous pop gem.
Beltain's Mikkel McDow aka Mik Dow, founding member of
The Jars, plays lead guitar and sings. Michael Montalto of
The Jars and Red Meat plays guitar and sings.
Gary Nervo of The Jars plays Hammond organ
and original Jars bassist Gary Hobish produced.
Also features John Seabury (Pyno Man) on bass and Andy Broadbent on drums.
Vinyl single only. No digital copies available at this time.

All These Little Voices

Mikkel had his own album to do:
All These Little Voices
was started in 2013 and finished in early 2015.
The Man Who Had No Idea features (mostly) songs written before Beltain was formed.
This very electric guitar album is blazing with punk energy and psychedelic sounds.

Do Blind Men Dream In Color?, Tired Horse, Glow Boys, Lamplight, People Die Everyday, Trouble Comes In Threes, Fractured Past, I Baby Yeah, Mr. Lacy Furs & The Man Who Had No Idea. available now at bandcamp