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Courtly Manners, Country MattersCourtly Manners, Country Matters
The debut album from Morgan McDow & Heartsease
Morgan and Mikkel take a step away from Beltain to make an album of mostly ancient songs and dances played on early and modern instruments in early and modern styles.
Includes What If I Never Speed by John Dowland, Blow Thy Horn Hunter by William Cornysh, A Tree Song by Rudyard Kipling, Orientis Partibus, The Abbots Bromley Horn Dance, Sing Care Away, Apple Tree Wassail and many more.

available now at bandcamp

Honor Your Partners AllAlso available: Honor Your Partners All
An ep of English Country Dances by
Morgan McDow & Heartsease

available now at bandcamp

All These Little Voices

Mikkel had his own album to do:
All These Little Voices
was recorded spring 2013 and features songs written before Beltain was formed.
This very electric guitar album is blazing with punk energy and psychedelic sounds.

Do Blind Men Dream In Color?, Tired Horse, Glow Boys, Baiting The Hook #2, I Baby Yeah, Fractured Past, Mr. Lacy Furs, The Man Who Had No Idea and many more.

available now at bandcamp